Fundraiser for OCIA Nebraska #1 Chapter Member

After months of debilitating and frustrating health concerns and a misdiagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, Nebraska organic farmer and musician Mike Ostry was life-flighted to an Omaha (NE) hospital in early February 2014 for removal of a life-threatening brain tumor. Mike remains in intensive care as recuperation and healing begin.

Mike and his family own and operate a certified organic farm, Wagon Wheel Farm, near Bruno, NE. Mike's experimentation with a variety of small grains and row crops, field rotations, weeding equipment and other cultivation techniques has created an innovative addition to the area's landscape of organic farms. The Ostry family raises grains for poultry feed, and has a direct marketing operation of chickens, turkeys, geese, hogs and beef and an on-farm poultry processing facility. Mike provides many other area organic and sustainable farmers with a variety of grains and hay for their livestock.

The Ostry Family also has a long tradition of composing and putting on a Christmas Pageant and other plays annually throughout their greater community and sharing their love for plays and music in the Czech tradition throughout Nebraska.

Medical costs are mounting daily. The family is able to care for the animals and maintain the farm on some level, but costs for hospitalization and emergency care as well as any upcoming therapies will be great. The adult children have stepped in for some of the farming tasks at this time...but as we all know, when one person has to step away from their responsibilities on a farm, then another to care for the first, the needs can be even greater. There are also still younger children at home to be cared for.

Mike Ostry has given tremendously to his local community and to the greater organic farming community over the years...together we can ease some of the hardship for this family.

There will be a benefit for Mike on March 23, 2014 from 11 am - 3 pm at Chez Hay in Lincoln, NE.

Details about the benefit can be found at!/events/503129699795994/.

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