COR - New Public Comment Period

Below is a link to proposed answers to questions, raised by organic stakeholders, regarding the National Standards for Organic Agriculture. The proposed responses are subject to a 30 day comment period. All comments regarding these answers should be sent to

NEW COMMENT PERIOD March 6 - April 6, 2017

Proposed answers and questions (PDF)


  • Can stored livestock feed (6.4.4) be treated with PSL 4.3 and 5.2 listed substances?
  • Clause 6.5 refers to the Code of Practice for Care and Handling of Farm animals: Transportation. It also references in a note the Health of Animals Regulations under the Health of Animal Act (CFIA). If these two sets of rules contradict one another, which one is to be referred to in evaluating compliance?
  • Must young herbivores be given access to exercise yards outside of the pasture grazing season (6.11.1)?
  • Is the small breed exemption in Table 1 of 6.11.2 of 32.310 restricted to 'Dairy cows - individual maternity pens?
  • Can non-organic spent brewers' grains be used as a soil amendment? As a compost feedstock?
  • Can conventional wool be used as mulch?
  • Is a full 36 month transition period required if PMRA list 3 formulants are found in brand name pesticides that otherwise comply with Table 4.3?
  • Can juice containing added Vitamin C or D, or calcium be certified as organic?

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