CFIA Launches New Online Labelling Tool for Industry

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has posted a new food labelling tool to its website that will help producers, manufacturers and retailers improve compliance with federal food labelling regulations.

This tool is now available here.

Food labelling regulations and guidance remain the same. This new tool, which was announced as part of Budget 2012, provides industry with a self-assessment checklist, examples of the regulations in practice, and detailed diagrams of product labels so they can continue to protect food safety.

The tool also consolidates the Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising, and other food labelling information into one tool. It is expected that this will reduce the amount of time inspection staff spend explaining and clarifying labelling rules and it will create greater industry awareness, understanding and compliance with labelling requirements.

Throughout the development of this tool, industry and inspectors were consulted to help ensure the content and design met their needs. Additional training will be provided to all CFIA inspectors who will be using the tool. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Food Labelling and Claims Directorate at

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