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Get Certified

Five Steps to Certification

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Step 1: Apply for Certification

To locate a regional office or chapter near you, please call (402) 477-2323, or write to You can also access information and application forms within this website or complete the inquiry form on this web page to receive application forms.  A complete application will consist of a complete Organic System Plan (OSP), a signed Operator Licensing Agreement, supporting documentation as indicated on the OSP and payment of applicable certification fees as outlined in the OCIA Fee Schedule.  

Step 2: Pre-Inspection Review

Once OCIA receives your completed application, it will be reviewed for initial compliance to any and all regulations/programs for which you have applied to ensure capability of compliance.  OCIA will then communicate the results of this Pre-Inspection review.   

Step 3: On-site Inspection

INSPECTION:  Following the Pre-Inspection Review, OCIA will assign an OCIA-approved inspector to visit your operation and verify compliance of your Organic System Plan. An authorized representative of your operation must be available to answer questions during the inspection. The inspector will communicate any findings to you and send the inspection report directly to OCIA International. A copy of the inspection report will also be sent to you.

Step 4: Compliance Review

The Certification Decision Team will review your file, complete with the application information and inspection report. This review verifies that your operation is in compliance with certification requirements.

Step 5: Decision

If your operation is found to be in compliance, OCIA will send you a Certificate of Organic Certification. This certificate will list your certified products, as well as the specific certification program(s) that your products are certified under. A letter and checklist will accompany your certificate, and will give guidance on what can be done to improve your organic operation including any necessary deadlines for response to findings of Noncompliance.  Annual update forms and inspections are required to maintain your organic certifications.

Download 5 Steps to Certification Flyer.