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Facility Information:

Hunt & Behrens, Inc.

30 Lakeville St.
Petaluma, CA, 94952


Certification Type:


Product NameCompliance
20% Chick Starter -1481OCIA, NOP
20% Chick Starter W/ROP-1471OCIA, NOP
All Purpose Mix-1475OCIA, NOP
Almond ShellsOCIA, NOP
Broiler Starter CR W/ROP-1470OCIA, NOP
Calf Starter Mix-1425, 1478, 1489OCIA, NOP
Canola mealOCIA, NOP
Chicken Scratch-1454OCIA, NOP
Dairy Mix W/4 Plex-1485, 1486OCIA, NOP
Dairy Mix-1410, 1411, 1416, 1419, 1421, 1423, 1424, 1442, 1444, 1449, 1456OCIA, NOP
Dairy Pellet-1459, 1460, 1463, 1498OCIA, NOP
Dry Cow Pellet-1412, 1487OCIA, NOP
Flax mealOCIA, NOP
Flax seedOCIA, NOP
Ground Corn- 1401OCIA, NOP
Ground Wheat- 1407OCIA, NOP
Lay Crumble W/ROP-1473OCIA, NOP
Lay Crumble-1483OCIA, NOP
Lay Pellet W/ROP-1472OCIA, NOP
Lay Pellet-1455, 1482OCIA, NOP
Mill run- 1409OCIA, NOP
Milo- 1447OCIA, NOP
Mixing, pelleting and packaging of livestock feedsOCIA, NOP
MolassesOCIA, NOP
Packaging of whole grain and processed grain and oil seed products.OCIA, NOP
Pig Starter/Grower-1439OCIA, NOP
Rice HullsOCIA, NOP
Rolled Barley & Rye- 1428OCIA, NOP
Rolled Barley & Wheat- 1432, 1437, 1445OCIA, NOP
Rolled Barley, Rye & Wheat- 1438OCIA, NOP
Rolled Barley- 1403OCIA, NOP
Rolled Corn & Barley- 1405, 1429, 1490, 1491OCIA, NOP
Rolled Corn & Wheat- 1435OCIA, NOP
Rolled Corn - 1400OCIA, NOP
Rolled Rye- 1446OCIA, NOP
Rolled Wheat, Barley & Corn- 1418, 1433OCIA, NOP
Rolled Wheat, Barley, Corn & Rye- 1441OCIA, NOP
Rolled Wheat- 1408OCIA, NOP
Rollingand grinding of grain productsOCIA, NOP
Screenings- 1448OCIA, NOP
Soybean meal- 1415OCIA, NOP
Turkey Grower-1431OCIA, NOP
Turkey Starter-1430/1493OCIA, NOP
Whole Wheat- 1406OCIA, NOP
Whole Barley- 1404OCIA, NOP
Whole Corn- 1402OCIA, NOP